What You should know:

With or without a doctor’s referral, cannabis may be prescribed if you are suffering from relevant symptoms or conditions such as depression, anxiety, chronic pain, sleep disorders, PTSD, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, migraines & headaches, epilepsy, spinal injuries, and more.
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Our doctors and nurse practitioners are available to connect with any military  veteran in the Angus areas by a simple telephone or video call

Our team serving patients all across Canada will provide you with access to a veteran community aimed at improving Veterans lives in the Angus areas.

Blue Cross covers up to 3 grams per day for any Veteran released from the military with a disability pension or pain and suffering award.

Delivery time will be approx. 2-3 business days for any patents living in Angus areas


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About the city of Angus

Angus is the largest community in Essa Township, and the main access to the neighboring Canadian Forces Base Borden.

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